“A few months ago I decided to take a leap of faith and open my own business called Choose to Organize. As a professional organizer I help people clear their clutter and organize their homes and offices into more functional and pleasing environments.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to my mentor Marc Suri and other mentors who are volunteers at a wonderful organization called SCORE. Mr. Suri has many years of experience in international business, manufacturing and business start ups which provides him with a vast wealth of information to share. Mr. Suri has taken the time to break down the concept of the steps involved in starting a business and is helping me understand the importance of each one. From simple ideas like the  importance of dressing professionally to the more complex aspects of writing a business plan to the importance of knowing your market and competitors, his knowledge, encouragement and guidance has been invaluable.

Once assigned a mentor, you will meet with them one-on-one for however long it may take to get your business up and running and they remain available to advise and support you as your business evolves. I highly recommend SCORE and urged anyone needing their services to take advantage of this opportunity and visit SCORE  to meet the experts – business women and men ready to guide you through the steps it takes to successfully run your own business.”        

– Trudi Barks


Choose to Organize ~  Las Cruces, NM